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Dear Algonac Harbour Club Members:

Algonac Harbour Club is proud to announce the continuation of the VIP Rewards Program for the 2017 boating season.  This past year was our 5th year of this incentive program and it generated rewards and discounts for our VIP Rewards Members totaling over $32,000.

As you know, our VIP Rewards Program is available to anyone who maintained a year-round status with us, including boat dockage in the 2016 summer season and storage for the 2016-2017 winter season. Please give us a call and let us answer any questions or concerns you may have.

In short summary, here is how the program works…

For all monies received for summer dockage and winter storage, as well as any contract work performed by Algonac Harbour Club during the 2016 season, our VIP Rewards Member will receive a 5% credit towards fuel for the 2017 boating season.  In addition, any monies spent at Colony Marine for our VIP Rewards Members will receive 5% rewards credit for parts and labor work (no sublets or extras) at the Colony Service location at Algonac Harbour Club.

Remember, all participating members of the 2017 VIP Rewards Program will receive .10 cents off each gallon of fuel purchased at the AHC gas dock during the 2017 boating season.  The 2017 VIP Membership Card must be presented at the time of purchase to receive the discount.  New participants will receive their reward during the 2018 boating season.

To break it down further, here is an actual example of the savings on a 31' boat (310 square feet)….        


2016 summer / C-Dock $2,175.00
2016-2017-Inside winter @ $6.15 1,906.00
Wheel and wax 682.00
Bottom paint   613.80
Total receipts 5,377.30
5% discount on dockage if paid by February 15th  -108.75
5% VIP Fuel Rewards Program   -268.87
.10 discount on 2016 fuel purchases based on 70 hours usage @ 20 gals per hour (70 hrs x 20 gals=1400 gals x .10 per gal)  -140.00
Total annual savings for VIP Member    $517.62


Note: This incentive would increase with the addition of service, parts and labor.

In January 2017, each qualifying VIP Rewards Member will receive a statement showing the total earnings for fuel credit, which will be available for use during the 2017 summer season.  VIP Members can pick up their Rewards Earnings Cards at the Harbour Office beginning May 1, 2017.
We congratulate all our existing VIP Rewards Members for taking part in this program.  We, at Algonac Harbour Club, wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and a great boating season!


Pete Beauregard, Sr.
Algonac Harbour Club