Absolutely No Fireworks Allowed In Marina

 Pool Rules

  • Swimming Pool is restricted to tenants, their guests, and paid registered transient boaters.
  • All tenants and transients must be present with their guests.
  • All guests of tenants must register for the pool and receive wrist bands at the Harbour Master Office.
  • Pool Hours: 10a.m. to 10p.m. family hours
  • No one under 12 permitted without parent or guardian present.
  • 10 p.m. to 11p.m. Adult only (21yrs. And over)
  • Infants and toddlers are not allowed in the adult pool.
  • Toddlers need to have protective swim pants on when in the kiddie pool.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages in a spa/hot tub is not permitted.
    (Michigan State Department of Public Health R-325.2192-8 Law)
  • No pets are permitted in the pool or pool area.
  • No food in the pool or pool area.
  • All drinks must be in a can or plastic container.
  • Long hair must be pulled back.
  • No balloons, squirt guns, or water toys allowed in the pool or pool area.
  • Please observe all pool and Jacuzzi rules that are posted in pool area.
  • No running or Horseplay on the pool deck at any time.
  • Management has the right to revoke pool privileges and deny anyone access to the pool.

Golf Cart Rules

The rules on the operating of a golf cart in Algonac Harbour Club are FIRMLY ENFORCED.

In order to ensure the safety of everyone in the marina,
we want to remind you of the rules regarding golf carts in our marina….

  • Only people with valid driver’s licenses are eligible to drive carts in our marina.
  • An adult must accompany any one driving that does not have a license.
  • The maximum speed limit for golf carts is 5 miles per hour.
  • Any golf cart driven at night MUST have operating lights on.
  • Two cycled engine golf carts; or three wheel golf carts are prohibited in our marina.
  • Golf carts with modified engines and exhaust systems are not allowed in our marina. If a golf cart exceeds the noise limit, the staff will ask for the golf cart to be removed from our marina.
  • Failure to follow these rules will lead to permanent removal of the golf cart from our marina.

These rules and regulations are for the protection and safety of our members and their children.


  • Dogs must be on a leash.
  • All dogs must be cleaned up after. The marina has provided disposal bag stations and dog runs for our members and pets.

A map of the location of all the dog runs and disposal stations can be found here.

If there are any concerns or questions please feel free to give Cassandra a call at the main
office at 810-794-4448 or use the Contact Us link at the top of the site.